Instantaneous Internet

Keep your customers happy with high speed, secure wireless internet from Inspira WiFi

Your customers expect reliable internet access as soon as they arrive. Inspira WiFi is a complete wireless solution that gives each of your customers wireless internet access anywhere on your premises. Our aim is to help you gain an advantage over your competition by maximising uptime and minimising customer complaints.


We provide:

A reliable, high-speed service that is legally compliant
Excellent after-sales service with comprehensive support
Professional installation of Wi-Fi hardware

Holiday Lets

Holiday lets are like a home from home for most residents, who will demand high-speed reliable Wi-Fi for both work and leisure. Guests are likely to have multiple devices, including games consoles, mobile devices and will choose a holiday let based on these requirements. Inspira have a proven track record providing Wi-Fi for internet enabled in-room entertainments systems such as smart TVs, set-top boxes and music systems.

Student Halls

Students want, need and expect high speed, reliable Wi-Fi in their homes away from home. They will put your Wi-Fi to the test like no other user. Most students will have a minimum of four devices, including games consoles and mobile devices, which will put pressure on your Wi-Fi network and internet connection. A block of 50 students will typically download at least 1TB of data a week. If you are planning a student Wi-Fi deployment, please get in touch with any queries about requirements.

B&B and Hotels

Previously, Wi-Fi was regarded as an optional paid service which was “nice to have”. Nowadays, however, good Wi-Fi is just as important to your guests as clean towels and bedding, and the majority of guests expect free and fast Wi-Fi to be included in the room rate.

With our wealth of experience, Inspira understands your client’s demands for high-speed reliable Wi-Fi throughout your premises.

Holiday Parks

Escaping for a break doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the outside world. This generation is always on the lookout for Wi-Fi hotspots and being away from home is no exception. Our external rugged access points can cover large outdoor open spaces, ensuring high-speed Wi-Fi for your holiday park, thus enhancing your guests’ experience. This can also provide you with an additional revenue stream.


Students require high performance, high-speed broadband for their studies, and you will need to plan for hundreds of devices connected simultaneously to your network. Much like public networks, security is always of the utmost importance to protect your students while browsing wirelessly. To be able to manage this volume of use, you will need a deployment with enhanced functionality such as Inspira WiFi.

A carefully planned Wi-Fi network is essential for schools to meet the demands of the students and enhance their learning experience.

Retirement Communities

Today’s older population is a lot more IT savvy, with most using tablets and smartphones to keep in touch with their friends and family. What they require is an easy, reliable Wi-Fi deployment so that they can stay connected with their loved ones. Here at Inspira, we are happy to design a Wi-Fi service for your residents and their guests. Please contact us for further information.

How it works

Guests will be able to connect their wireless device to the network by searching for the Inspira WiFi network.

When the internet browser window is open, the Inspira WiFi splash page – or a splash page customised for your business – will appear.

The internet service will be offered on this page for either free or at a rate set by you.

To continue, the user just has to agree to the terms and conditions which, again, are set by you.

Everyone can be up and running in just a few clicks!